Diets don’t mean deprivation

So the whole reason I was personally inspired to start this blog was because of a past eating disorder. I would starve myself weeks at a time and then binge and then workout for hours until I felt like I burned every calorie. Physically and mentally it was not healthy, & I can always tell when a girl is going through something similar just by the look on her face. If I can help just one girl from putting her body through what I did then I’ll feel like I really accomplished something amazing. I learned a lot of lessons from that negative experience though. The main lesson I learned that I still have to remind myself “don’t deprive yourself!”. Never deprive your body of its wants and needs. Your body needs lots of a water, proteins, healthy fats, and so on. Your body sometimes wants Oreos and French fries, and that is okay! It’s just important (but tricky ) to differentiate those wants and needs. Diets don’t mean deprivation, my definition of a diet is “eat right to cheat once”. I eat moderately healthy all week , and treat myself to a cheat day sometime during the weekend and it does wonders. My body isn’t yelling at my for eating junk food constantly and it’s also not yelling at me because I won’t give it Ice cream.